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What do experts think about Native?

"Native is important to Google because we think native advertising will be the future of advertising and it benefits everyone in the ecosystem; the users, the publishers, the advertisers. We need to really reconnect with the users in the advertising space otherwise we’re all of out of jobs.”

Ekin Ozenci
Mobile Product Specialist at Google

“The core [to good native advertising] is a clear understanding of the target group’s interests. If you know these, it is much easier to define the right content, the channels, the formats you need for a successful campaign.”

Karsten Krämer
Managing Director at C3

"In our experience with our advertising partners, we’ve actually found a high demand for storytelling. Many, many advertisers have heard of native advertising, are interested in native advertising, but don’t quite understand what it means or how to apply it.”

Zazie Lucke
VP of Global Marketing at Quartz

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